James and Fiona’s wedding ceremony and glimpses of their ceremonial detailing in royal arabian style at Burjaman Rotana Property.Gorgeous bride and Royal groom in one of their dream orchid style ceremonies.


Modern Romantic themes designed for Richa Mrunal – custom Renaissance panel. Hinal Rakesh – Heavenly floral with lush green opulence theme especially customized for the bride and groom special day. Emil & Chandan -surreal decor with Uber gorgeous mandaps dripping in heart caging fairytale setups !! Decor, cinematography, lighting, venues, makeups, trousseau – all under one roof.


We love attention to detail. It’s those little things that really make a whole wedding – the tiny vases put on each table, the cute gifts wrapped perfectly with twine and all the drama that surrounds the bride.It was unapologetically quirky with the heavenly floral traditional theme for the most stunning Tanisha Gautam ,pure rajasthani fun with sophisticated English do making it a glam wedding.To weave so many ideas into one wedding is not easy but bride and groom pulled it off with aplomb and managed to make us all smile.


Alluring wedding venues like ITC Mughal Agra , Ritz Carlton , Umrao, Le Meridien , Golden Galaxy, Shangri La and Kempenski knitting with massive floral and majestic decor to concrete light and sound, perfect makeup with galore rage of outfits and exclusive cuisines. Created soul arrest magical stories of locks made in heaven stated as “Shyaam Shaandaar”. These trivial trumpets made every day like no less than a festival.