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Its vital to grasp the esteem we add to your fantasy goal wedding as your Wedding Planner. Clearly the charge you pay to us or any Wedding Planner is an extra cost and could be one vital component to make determination, we value your decision and regard our own particular cost of business.
We take after the business standard of charging anything between 10-12% of the Wedding spending plan for whole wedding relying on the administrations amplified, part and duties, size of social affair and so on. Despite the fact that we are cheerful to act as one stop arrangement. For Weddings with spending plan not as much as Rupees 60 lakh, we develop comprehensive Packages or charge a level expense.
On the off chance that you are recently taking a gander at some interview about scenes/areas/lodgings and wish to connect with our solid merchants straightforwardly we have a "meeting" choice for Rs. 25000. We augment a month's support over Phone, messages and talk.
The normal time and endeavors we devote to each Couple over the arranging and coordination period ( 6-year and a half) is :

Individual association with atleast 2 more Assistant Planners over the adventure

  • 500-1000 aggregate messages traded
  • 20-30 hours of telephonic conference
  • A pre visit to settings or with meeting you (if required, travel is charged additional)
  • 4-6 days of committed coordination on location with group

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+ Do not consider enlisting us JUST to arrange the Hotel rates for you.
+ Do not approach us for citations from Hotels while you have as of now reached them and got an offer.
+ Share your contact number with the goal that we can call you at helpful time for a discourse.
Most ideal approach to connect with us is to top off the request Form or Whatsapp us or even drop a line to