My Wedding Tale-Manya said a Yes to Nitish ❤️ #NITYA

The most awaited wedding project of my life !!! Words are less to describe how it felt to be your own wedding planner, while hunting  guy yourself, fighting the odds , everything just happened in a blink of an eye… I still can’t believe that I got MARRIED the way I had always dreamt off.. THANKYOU everyone for helping me execute the entire project, with God’s grace the event went smooth while understanding the notion of no wedding #retakes.
Thanks mom, dad and Manju Adlakha for being my strength through out, thanks to Shikha Bhatt and Subodh Bhatt for helping me make choices starting from the groom!! Thanks to Sumit Grover for being patient with me throughout the wedding choices, handling my bratness. Thanks to Badal Grover for helping me choose the pre-wedding setups.Thanks to the entire family for setting up the stage on fire and making the most unforgettable wedding Shilpa Bhatnagar, Leena Ahuja,  Saumya Grover, Capt. Kishore Grover, Deepak Grover, Soumya, Dhani, Sanjana, Chhibber, Pankaj Vermani.  Friends : Dipali Marwah, Harshita Makhija, Amna Hasan, Rajat, Thomas, Esha.
Thanks to all the other family members who are not on FB.
Special thanks for being the best guest and host or all the wedding functions to the GROOMS family Nitish Oberoi, Pritish Oberoi, Geeta Oberoi and Deepak Oberoi and the rest !!
Thanks to my team of 7 vows for helping me execute the entire event as I wanted!!  Reception having Same emotion. 

Special Thanks to

Lighting is the most important aspect to grace your special day that to make your guest awestruck by showing creative arrangement. While using morroccan theme, we have used Diyas , candles and rajnigandha flower embellishment to give this special occasion a traditional touch to this auspicious event. 
The stage is the central point of the wedding venue. It is generally decorated with pair of decorative seats and beautiful backdrop. Traditional Diyas are a big hit to add a romantic glow in the stage and these décor ideas can be utilised in both indoor and outdoor setting. Delicacy has its own charm, thus incorporate flowers to enhance the appearance of the aisle.
Your heart always seeks for traditional touch-up and if the Diyas are placed all around the venue, it will create conventional yet elegant ornamentation that you can turn the heads of your guests by every single arrangement. 
Hindu weddings are considered as grand affairs with multiple rituals that the celebrations start before the actual wedding day, so it is important to choose a perfect wedding décor idea. A lot of thought goes into it from draperies to lights because everything needs to be on point to make the day special. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of decorating your wedding venue. When you want to infuse traditional touch to your function, Diyas add a vibrant charm to your venue. Warm up the decoration by incorporating strategically placed Diya stand and candles.
To make such imagination come true, make sure you choose a professional who can come up with new ideas. Now zing up the wedding venue!
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