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Super Awesome

Handling pressures and coming out vibrantly and managing the show perfectly with utmost diligence and passion yet in a gentle way is an art. They can assist with anything and everything for an event starting from scratch. Great going. Help them help you to make your event memorable that you may cherish for a lifetime. Koi bhi function ho shaadi ya tyohaar....full on Bollywood style.
- sumit grover


their team of experienced events planners have the knowledge,understanding and know how to guide you through the myriad of choices that need to be made, saving your time as well as avoiding expensive mistakes and unnecessary stress whether you are planning a large banquet or an intimate gathering of friends and family, they offer you peace of mind,enabling you and your family to relax and treasure every moment of your event with the knowledge that seasoned professionals like Jack/Ratna are with you every step of the way. Focusing their attention on the smallest details,they will seamlessly translate your vision of the perfect wedding into a spectacular event that is beautifully styled and truly yours
- Kartik Kapoor


Seven Vows is the perfect partner for making your events memorable..they not only gives shape to your dream events but also customize them to fit your budget without compromising on quality..they have an outstanding team who produce aesthetic events..Must opt for Seven Vows..
- Subodh Bhatt


Make your day special with the grace of God and Seven Vows. You name they offer which suits your budgets. Gone are the days for traditional weddings. Here at Seven Vows you will experience something extraordinary and magical. Great and far going.
- Himani Grover


Beautiful and novel name to start with, and auspiciousness attached to it, meseems the half the battle is won , wish you a sheer success..!
- Capt. Kishore Grover


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